TOP Club

(Transfer Oriented Relay Precision Club)

(c) Czímer Csaba, 1991-2014

Warning, this system is rather complicated, contains a lot of unusual elements, thus it is not recommended for beginners or occasional players! If you do not play at least twice a week then you will probably do better with a simpler system.

The system is based on precision club, but similarities almost end here. Bidding with gameforcing hands follows the relay principle, i.e. investigating of one of the players' hand. Other bids differ from their classical precision meanings too, because almost all gameforcing hands start with a relay.

Abbreviations, notations

Overview of the opening bids

1 folytatás 16+ HCP, any distribution
1 folytatás 10-16 HCP, 2+ , can be balanced
1M: folytatás 10-16 HCP, 5+ suit
1N: folytatás 15-17 HCP, (semi)balanced
folytatás option: in NV 1st, 2nd, 3rd place mini notrump: 10-12 HCP, (almost) balanced
2: folytatás 10-15 HCP 6+
2: folytatás 10-15 HCP, 3-suiter with short
2M: folytatás weak two bids
2N: folytatás 5-5+ majors, below opening strength (or strong strong balanced, as you prefer)
3x: folytatás natural preempt
3N: folytatás 4-level preempt in a minor suit
4m: folytatás strong version of 4M openings, cca. 8.5-9 playing tricks, 8-14 HCP
4M folytatás natural preempt
4N: folytatás 6-5+ minors, exactly 5/4/3 losers depending opűn vulnerabilty

Defensive bidding

Choice of openings:

Convention card

General principles in the system