Higher (weak) openings


weak 2 and 2 openings

In vulnerable good 6-card suit, in green good 5-card, weaker 6-card. Its strength:


Vs their double:

2 NT opening

5-5+ major, less than an opening (in vulnerable not much less). Responses:

3...3 openings

These are natural pre-emptive bids regarding vulnerability.
In 1st and 2nd seat vulnerable 3m openins should contain 2 top honours (one of them being the ace normally)

3 NT opening

4-level pre-empt in a minor suit (typically NOT a solid suit)
Should be used (almost) disciplined because can be penalized in this construction, loose style minor-suit openings should remain at a level of 3m. Responses:

4 and 4 openings

These are the strong version of 4 major openings: 8.5-9 playing tricks, about 8-14 HCP, at most one suit with 2 or more quick losers

4 and 4 openings

natural pre-empts regarding vulnerability (at most 8 tricks in 1st and 2nd seat), can be weak opening strength

4NT opening

at elast 6-5 in the minors (best to have 1-1 in the minors), and tells losers exactly which is
5 in favorable vulnerability, 4 in equal, 3 in Vuln/NV. In HCP under a strong 1 opening.
Responder bids the end-contract, his 5N asks the longer minor.