Mini 1 NT opening

10-12 HCP, 4333, 4432, 5m332, 5m422, 5-332 shapes.

These can be bid on relay, you may have problem if you open 1NT with some other shape.
It is not obligatory to open 1NT on 5m422 shape, you can also open with suit, dependig on the honour-structure.

On the third place:
- it may include stronger hands which cannot make game with a passed partner (it is probably worth without majors)
- there is no shape-ask, thus distributional requirements are not strict
újdonságExamples (mostly relay breaks)

- 2 gameforcing relay folytatás
- 2 Stayman, mostly game try (may be with a minor) folytatás
- 2M, 3m: to play (you might bid on 2M with 4-card support and "big" hand, bid your doubleton in that case)
- 2N: balanced invit (may have 4-card major with notrump oriented hand). On this:
- 3: accepts, has a 4-card major in a suit-oriented hand, responder bids his own major if interested
- 3: accepts, 5-card , suit-oriented hand
- 3M: suit-oriented game try
- 4M: natural

From passed hand:  a 2 (junk-)Stayman, the rest is sign-off, 2N=minors (5+

Continuation on 2
1N - 2

mostly game try (but does not necessarily with major), opener shows her strength, too.

- 2M: 4-card (5-card) suit, weak
- 2N: nincs 4-card major, weak
- 3 has min. one 4-card major, strong (3 asks, we bid the other one(!), 3M 5-cards)
- 3 no 4-cards major, strong
- 3M: 5-cards , accepts (in 3 there is 3-card

Responses on 2
1N - 2 gameforcing relay
- 2 4+ , may have 4-card .  2 relay, the rest: folytatás
- 2: 4-card .  2 relay, the rest: folytatás
- 2 min. 4-4 in minors. on 2N 3m=5-card, 3M=4432, this is the doubleton
- 2N: 5
- 3 4m-333. 3
- 3: 5-332, doubleton //
If 1N is overcalled

Further bidding after relay response:
It is possible to investigate opener's full distribution, this is always done with the lowest bid. It is worth to do it without a shortness. Responders all relay breaks promises a shortness (singleton or void). You should not do this with singleton ace or king (or queen), because it can result in playing something else instead of a good 3NT.
You can show support or your own suit with shortness. Plain bids show your own suit(s), jump bids promise support. A special case, when you learn partner's 4M-4m, then a relay break shows support in the minor and shortness in the suit bid. Sortness can be shown to find the right game too. Opener normally bids relay (step 1) on a relay-break, then responder bids her suit then her shortness.

Showing shape

1N - 2 gameforcing relay
2 - L1 opener has a 4-card major; S1 (the promised suit) is relay
- 2 4-4 majors or 5-332. 2N asks:
- 3: 4-4 majors, S1 asks the doubleton, 3M=ORKC)
- 3...N: 5-332 showing the doubleton
If the slave hand can't have 5-card heart suit (opened with 1) then 2 shows 4-4 majors immediately and we bid the doubleton on 2N.
- 2N: exactly 4-card
- 3 exactly 4-card
- 3 4M-333 shape
- 3: 5-card
- 3 5-card

Slam bidding when opener's shape is known: according to slam bidding after relay-sequences

Relay breaks:

1N - 2
2[M-1] - ?
2M: relay, shape-ask folows. Other bids show shortness:
2 5+ suit, has a singleton. 3 is 4-card fit (SPL on this), 2N relay, then:
- 3m: 4+ sidesuit, opener can ask for the singleton
- 3N: SPL, weak 6-card , purpose is to choose the best game spot
- 4: 6+
2N: 6+ - 3 kérdi a szinglit
- 3N: 6+ , SPL (a 3N can be passed, with stronger hand 4 - 4: exclusion with onesuiter minor
3 6+
3 (2-re): 6+ slam try, a 3 short minor (relay asks), a 3 short
3 (on 2
3M: prepares an exclusion RKC in the promised major suit. Step 1 must be bid, reponder bids her void which is exclusion-RKC
ugrás: SPL with major fit. 4M refuses, the rest are RKC-steps. Beware, 2 (= is SPL too!

Competitive situations

On 2-level overcall we play Rubensohl, on 3-level ones take-out double is played.
If 1NT gets doubled: we play DONT-style escape: with strong or flat hand we pass, if Opener has some shape the she should redouble and we try to find a suit. However, opener can pass with 4333